Campaign mailers arrive after election BURBANK --...

Campaign mailers arrive after election

BURBANK -- For candidates in local elections, one of the biggest

expenses can be campaign mailers, and one of the biggest headaches

can be when they don’t arrive as scheduled.


In last week’s City Council election, candidates Vahe Hovanessian

and Todd Campbell both sent out mailers that didn’t arrive until on

or after Election Day.

Hovanessian contacted postal officials and initiated an


investigation as to why his mailers were not delivered on time.

Political mailings are generally delivered within three days as

opposed to the seven to 10 days bulk mail usually takes, U.S. Postal

Service spokeswoman Terri Boufiou said.

Hovanessian, whose 1,166 votes were not enough to move him on to

the general election, is trying to get his money refunded by the post


Campbell’s mailers were not delivered until two days after the


election. Campbell finished third among the four candidates who

advance to the April general election.

Both men said delays can be a devastating blow to a local


“These are not cheap things; we’re talking several thousand

dollars here,” Campbell said.

Ben Godar

State approves power project


BURBANK -- The California Energy Commission approved licensing for

the Magnolia Power Project, which will provide electricity for six


The decision completes a two-year licensing review process on the

$234-million project that will offer clean, highly efficient power

generation, officials said.

Burbank is in partnership with the cities of Anaheim, Glendale,

Pasadena, Cerritos and Colton on the project. The plant at 164 W.

Magnolia Blvd. is expected to be operating by summer 2005.

Laura Sturza