Top candidates sidestepped airport issue The two...

Top candidates sidestepped airport issue

The two candidates who finished first and second in the primary

race for the Burbank City Council, Jef Vander Borght and Gary Bric,

mentioned during their campaigns that traffic was one of the major


concerns for Burbank residents. Neither of them, however, had much to

say about the possibility of expansion to the airport.

How increased traffic and airport expansion fail to tie together

is beyond me. It must be the fuzzy math. Depending on the size of the


new terminal, we could easily see a doubling or tripling of the

airport’s volume. That, of course, would mean increased traffic.

If the airport did double its volume of passengers and flights,

the math is pretty simple: 13,000 additional people per day would be

going to and coming from the airport.

You might say to yourself that Hollywood Way cannot accommodate an

additional 13,000 people. That would be a correct assumption. The

most likely scenario is that we would see some of the other streets


forced to accommodate the increased traffic, specifically Pass Avenue

and Buena Vista Street. There would also be additional traffic on

residential streets as people going to and from the airport will

attempt to find shortcuts to the clogged main thoroughfares.

In addition to campaign comments, which failed to address airport

expansion, Vander Borght already has a proven record in favor of

airport expansion. Several months ago, the Transportation Security

Administrator asked for somewhere between 700 to 20,000 square feet


for additional “security measures.” He voted to add roughly 40,000

square feet to the terminal -- more than double what the TSA had

requested. This additional square footage is to include increased

passenger holding areas, as well as widened hallways and more retail

space, none of which have anything to do with national security.

Vander Borght and Bric will talk of “protecting neighborhoods,”

but ask them what they will do to limit airport growth and you won’t

get a straight answer. There is an alternative to these two

candidates: Todd Campbell. Campbell is an official with the Clean Air

Coalition and understands the negative impacts of excessive traffic

and air pollution.

Given his background, he is the better choice for Burbank City




Vander Borght, Bric have given much to the city

I was very happy to find out that Gary Bric and Jef Vander Borght

are the two top runoff candidates for the two open Burbank City

Council seats.

Seeing their performance and dedication in the past, I know they

will both do a wonderful job as council members. I have found these

men to be instrumental in getting things done as well as

inspirational in their dedication to serve Burbank. I have always

known them to be very professional while working on projects. In

addition, both men have been very active in several other worthwhile

community projects. These two men are take-charge people who can also

listen to advisors and to the public they are serving.

It renews my faith to see such important and successful

businessmen as Bric and Vander Borght giving their time to serve

their community and neighbors. They must be commended for spending

their valuable time running for the council and trying very hard to

make Burbank a better place for us to live.

I would like to thank these men for their unselfish commitment to

our community and offer my total support during their campaigns.

Hopefully, other Burbank voters will do the same.

Voting is important, so please get out and vote on April 8.