Jumping for fun and health

Molly Shore

Students at William McKinley Elementary School witnessed an unusual

sight Friday -- state Assemblyman Dario Frommer (D-Burbank) jumping

rope on the playground.


Frommer joined more than 400 third-, fourth- and fifth-graders in

National Nutrition Month’s Jump for Health promoting healthy eating

and exercise.

Frommer said it is important to teach children the value of good


nutrition so they can avoid health-related diseases later in life.

“We all love junk food. I love my In-N-Out Burger,” Frommer said.

“But eating this kind of food every day is not healthy, and we need

to teach [children] better eating habits.”

Los Angeles Sparks basketball player Latasha Byears, California

Youth Karate Club founder Hugo Rojas and “American Gladiators’” Lee

Reherman also came to the event.

“It’s important to get out here and show the kids that a sound


body helps with a sound mind,” Reherman said.

Marvin Espinoza, project coordinator of Children’s Five a Day

Power Play, encouraged children to eat five servings of fruits and

vegetables daily.

“Children are told to paint their plate with different fruits and

vegetables because every color helps their bodies in different ways,”

Espinoza said.

Blueberries, eggplant and plums lower the blood pressure, orange


and yellow fruits and vegetables are good for skin and nails, white

vegetables such as onions and garlic lower cholesterol, and green

vegetables help bodies build antioxidants, which are important in

fighting certain types of cancer and other diseases, Espinoza said.

Fourth-grader Susana Rubio said she likes many fruits and

vegetables and most of the time has at least five servings of them

daily. Her friend Nelli Gevorgyan said she gets enough exercise, but

admitted she needs to work on her nutrition. Nelli’s favorite food is

a hamburger.

Event sponsors included the California Dietetic Assn., the

American Cancer Society and Espinoza’s group.