Councilmen’s actions are questionable As the saying...

Councilmen’s actions are questionable

As the saying goes, “politics makes strange bedfellows.” This old

adage has been proven accurate once again in Burbank. Prior to the

primary race for City Council, Mayor David Laurell and Councilman


Dave Golonski endorsed Brian Malone along with the barely incumbent

Jef Vander Borght.

After Malone finished fourth in the primary election, Laurell and

Golonski dumped him. Laurell came up with goofy reasons for doing so


and the always-inscrutable Golonski remained silent.

What was the real reason that Malone was dumped? There is no way

of knowing for sure, but it was probably because Todd Campbell

finished in third place and ahead of Malone. But did Golonski and

Laurell have the fortitude to just come out and say that they

switched their support to Campbell? No. If he is elected, Campbell

will owe his allegiance to the existing council members.

In his letter on March 22, David Gordon clearly described how Jef


Vander Borght has been at the forefront of expanding the airport

terminal for many years. Vander Borght led the way on the ongoing

terminal expansion project. Vander Borght and the other council

members blew smoke that this expansion was for “security” purposes.

The vast majority of this addition is simply to move more people in

and out of the airport.

The duplicity involved in the terminal project is the norm for the

council in regard to the airport. Even the now-departed Leader


columnist Will Rogers took some parting shots at the council for its

backroom dealing on airport issues.

How does the council get away with backroom dealing on the

airport, and with backroom sweetheart developers? Simple -- too few

people vote. Even as the front-runner on the primary election, Vander

Borght received a little more than 4,000 votes. If Burbank residents

really want protection against airport expansion and to end backroom

giveaways to developers, they will have to send a message by taking

the time to get out and vote on Tuesday for candidates other than

Vander Borght and Campbell.



Vander Borght will work for city, residents

Criticism of Jef Vander Borght is so misplaced. You should direct

your criticism to David W. Gordon as he alone took the low road.

Maybe it’s because he was not reappointed to the Planning Board, or

maybe it’s just sour grapes on his part.

I have known Jef in several capacities for many years and feel he

would bring valuable talents and interests to the City Council. He

does his homework. As a member of the Planning Board, he was

instrumental in having a skate park built in Burbank. He also worked

long and hard on the Buena Vista Library and for senior housing. He

worked tirelessly on a curfew at the airport and is a proponent of

preserving open spaces in the local mountains.

Without Jef’s dedication to the citizens of Burbank, these things

might never have materialized. His expertise will be invaluable as

the city deals with challenges in the future.

The council would be well-served with his attributes, as would our

city. Please join me in supporting Jef Vander Borght for Burbank City