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Don’t let someone else choose

Here is an interesting suggestion. Why don’t you go to dinner tonight

and instead of ordering from the menu, ask someone at another table

to order your entire meal for you. Leave it up to them -- your salad,

your entree and your dessert. Now go to the movies. Ask the person in


line behind you to pick out your movie for you, go and see it.

What? Am I nuts? Who is going to let someone else decide what

movie they see, what dinner they have? Well, I’ll tell you something

even crazier than that. Burbank has 50,340 registered voters, yet


more than 80% of them are going to let the other 20% decide who will

serve on City Council and school board. People who wouldn’t dream of

letting someone else choose their dinner or their movie will let

someone else choose who establishes policies for their city and their

schools. I never cease to be amazed when a community as closely knit

and as proactive as Burbank has only a 20% voter turnout. There is a

good chance that local government will have more impact on our

everyday lives than government at any other level. This is the


government that most directly affects the quality of our lives on a

day-to-day basis. If you wouldn’t dream of letting someone else

choose your dinner, then don’t let someone else choose your

government. Vote on Tuesday.


Executive Director,

Burbank Chamber

of Commerce