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Teacher, students win in ROP competition

John Burroughs High School business instructor Steve Wolfe has been

selected as the Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program

Teacher of the Year for 2002-03.

Wolfe was selected from a field of more than 600 ROP teachers who


work in 22 school districts.

Three Burbank students won medals in ROP student recognition, out

of a field of 30,000 students.

Burroughs High School web page design student Brent Schackmann


earned a silver medal, Burbank High School fire science academy

student Margie Lieva earned a silver medal, and Burbank High School

accounting student Margarita Granadino earned a bronze medal.

The students were selected as a result of their interviewing

skills, their work and their accomplishments in their ROP courses.

Wolfe and the students will be honored by the school board May 1,

and by the county office of education board members May 6.

The program is open to high school juniors and seniors or students


16 and older to prepare them for full-time employment upon

graduation, part-time employment while in high school or college, or

initial training for future college or technical courses.

Molly Shore