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Getting a second chance

Ben Godar

A dog that just two weeks ago was brought to the Burbank Animal

Shelter barely clinging to life is healthy and at home with a new

owner, thanks to a group of volunteers.


The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter paid $630 for a

hernia operation for the 2-year-old pooch, who volunteers describe as

part dachshund and part Chihuahua. Molly Stretten, vice president of

the group, said when animal-control officers notified them of the


stray dog’s situation, the members decided to help out.

“He’s a great little dog,” she said. “I’m just happy the

volunteers were able to cover this.”

The volunteers weren’t the only ones who took a liking to the

little dog. Just four days after his operation, the hound was adopted

Tuesday by Burbank resident Joani Krieg. Despite stitches running

along his back and legs, Krieg decided the tiny dog, who she calls

“Mr. Bow,” was the one for her.


“I told them I was interested in caring for a dog and they showed

me this little dog,” she said. “He’s so cute and so friendly, he’s

got a wonderful personality.”

Mr. Bow was the third animal in less than a month to receive a

lifesaving operation, thanks to the volunteers. The group has also

paid for medical work for a cat and a Chihuahua.

Stretten said the group tries to help out whenever animal- control

officers notify them about an animal in need. While several animals


needed help recently, she said the group sometimes goes months

without paying for an operation. She estimated the group donates

$2,000 to $3,000 a year for operations for animals at the shelter.

Annually, Stretten said the volunteers donate about $5,000 for

improvements at the animal shelter.

For the animals in need of surgery, Animal Control Officer

Florante Pagador said the money makes a big difference.

“It’s just one of the many ways the volunteers help us out,”

Pagador said.

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating money to the

volunteers can contact the Burbank Animal Shelter at 238-3340.

Information on the group is also available through its Web site at