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Burroughs modernization, Phase II

Molly Shore

Indian territory is becoming a state-of-the-art learning facility.

John Burroughs High School’s Phase II construction includes a

total rehabilitation of the school’s main building fronting Clark


Avenue, as well as modernization of the Brian W. Hurst Gymnasium.

The work is proceeding without a hitch, said Chief Facilities and

Development Superintendent Ali Kiafar of the $12-million project.

“No question there are inconveniences the school has to deal with,


but ... it has gone very well,” Kiafar said.

Kiafar said he has asked the Bernards Bros. construction team to

be proactive regarding problems that might arise. If workers neglect

to install door stops, Kiafar wants the team to be certain the

discrepancy is spotted and corrected.

“I want these projects to be as close to having no problems as

possible,” Kiafar said.

While Phase I consisted wholly of new construction, Phase II is


mainly the reconfiguration and modernization of the existing

buildings, Kiafar said.

When completed, modern science labs and administration offices

will be housed on the first floor with refurbished classrooms on the

second floor of the main administration building. All rooms have

dual- pane windows, a feature that was debated for other school


Closed for many years, the gym’s original entrance on Parish Place


is being reopened.

“I looked at the drawings and said, ‘This is a nice entrance.

Let’s see if we can bring it back,’” Kiafar said.

The work, taking place while school is in session, hasn’t

seriously disrupted studies, said Jay Gudzin, assistant principal of

athletics and activities, who is the school’s liaison with the

construction team.

“At the start of the project it was inconvenient, but we’ve been

doing it for so long, it’s changed from an inconvenience to something

we accept,” Gudzin said.

Construction is expected to be completed by early September in

time for the fall semester, Construction Site Manager Jeff Bernards