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THE LAUGHS NEVER ENDED! Davin Duckworth-Lee of...


Davin Duckworth-Lee of Burbank is a novelist.

“Anger Management” is a hilarious comedy about a man (Adam

Sandler) who has repressed his anger since childhood, and becomes a


sedate adult who finds himself suddenly sentenced to an anger-

management class. The instructor (Jack Nicholson), deviously

terrorizes him, as he cleverly instills his wit like a foil, using

such memorable lines as, “I sleep in the nude!”


I enjoyed the movie immensely, as there was never a mundane moment

elapsing between scenes. The extraordinary script and direction,

intertwined with a perfect cast playing off one another, had me

constantly laughing throughout the film.

Nicholson’s raw innate instincts shined vigorously, still proving

he’s more talented and handsome then most men half his age. I

especially liked the performances of the beautiful Heather Graham,

the talented Luis Guzman and the always funny Sandler.


There was, though, one flaw that ruined this seemingly perfect

comedy -- the ending. (WARNING: Those who are planning to see the

movie should not read the rest of this paragraph; the ending of the

movie is given away.) The whole premise behind the movie was

absolutely crushed by finding out that the story was just a ploy by

Sandler’s character’s girlfriend to get him to marry her, and that

she actually hired Nicholson’s character herself.

I highly recommend this movie, finding it to be one of the best


comedies I’ve seen in years.


Myles Grene of Burbank is a sixth-grader at Luther Burbank Middle


On a flight to St. Louis, nice average guy Dave Buznik, played by

Adam Sandler, ends up in an unpredictable situation that results in

his having to go to court. As a result of that court appearance, he

gets sentenced to 20 hours of anger management. Dr. Buddy Rydell,

played by Jack Nicholson, is his anger manager but he himself could

use a taste of his own medicine.

The movie was impressive and 100% worth seeing. Although some of

the jokes are typical Sandler jokes, kind of crude and mature, the

movie is really good. I think it was just as good as, if not better

than, “Mr. Deeds” and one of Sandler and Nicholson’s best


The Myles Magazine gives it 4 1/2 stars out of 5, awesome. The

Grene Gazette gives it two thumbs up.


Hamlet Nalbandyan is sports editor of the News-Press, the Leader’s

sister publication.

There was so much intrigue. How could there not be with Jack

Nicholson and Adam Sandler teaming up? And the concept had all the


Unfortunately, the execution was about as lame as lame could be.

Columbia Picture’s “Anger Management” failed to live up to its

hype, and it had nothing to do with the acting abilities of Nicholson

or Sandler. Quite the contrary, the two delivered strong performances

-- or about what you’d expect. Unfortunately, the plot was so ...


And predictable. And annoying. And dull.

Oh, and did I mention it was cheesy?

Sandler plays a character who’s in great need of self-esteem. So

when a little misunderstanding on an airplane becomes a big

misunderstanding, he is ordered to undergo anger management, taught

by Nicholson -- whose techniques are, let’s just say, to the left of


That’s a pretty good concept, but the delivery has no creativity

whatsoever. I felt like I was watching 50 other movies, the material

was so unoriginal.

There are some laughs, but for the most part, “Anger Management”

is just one big waste of time.

“Anger Management” is rated PG-13.