Aiming to reduce runaway production CIVIC CENTER...

Aiming to reduce runaway production

CIVIC CENTER -- Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Burbank) addressed the

Burbank City Council to update residents and council members about

his efforts to keep the motion-picture industry from being lured to


other countries.

Sherman, who spoke at Tuesday’s council meeting, was among

legislators who introduced the United States Independent Film and

Television Production Incentive Act last year, and again in January.


It would provide a tax credit for projects produced in the U.S.,

with the goal of keeping production in the country to create jobs and

boost the economy.

Frommer opposes film kickbacks

LOS ANGELES -- Assemblyman Dario Frommer (D-Burbank) wants to fine

elected officials who demand that film companies make donations in

order to obtain film permits.

The fines of up to $10,000 are designed to deter behavior that


could appear corrupt and potentially send production out of

California, Frommer said.

The move was prompted by allegations of Los Angeles officials who

tried to barter street closures requested by film companies for funds

that would benefit the city.

Compiled by Laura Sturza