It’s TIME for Hollywood

Molly Shore

Jenna Flynn’s career goal is to be a professional soccer player and

veterinarian. But for now, the Jordan Middle School sixth-grader is

happy to be one of 15 national TIME for Kids reporters.


Jenna hobnobbed with Hollywood’s brightest stars when she covered

the 16th annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards at the Santa Monica

Airport on April 12.

“It was really exciting seeing the stars walking up on the orange


carpet,” Jenna said, adding that orange is used because it is the

color of Nickelodeon’s logo.

One of the top prizes, the Wannabe Award, went to Will Smith,

because kids want to be just like him, Jenna said.

During her interviews, Jenna asked some of the stars about their

favorite junk foods and their most embarrassing moments.

Jenna said that actor Mick Cannon told her that for a snack, he

likes to eat sunflower seeds with vinegar. His most embarrassing


moment came when a fire alarm forced him to go outside in his

underwear. Cannon told Jenna he was changing in the boys’ locker room

at school when the fire drill alarm sounded, forcing him to leave the

building in his underwear. When he couldn’t return to the locker

room, Cannon had to ride the bus home in his underwear, Jenna said.

Other stars Jenna crossed paths with were actors Jennifer Love

Hewitt, Brittany Murphy and Matthew Lillard, along with skateboard

king Tony Hawk.


Jenna’s mother, Lidia Flynn, who accompanied her daughter to the

awards ceremony, said she was glad she had the chance to go.

“I had a blast,” Flynn said. “It made me feel so good to see Jenna

so thrilled and excited to be there.”

In August, Jenna was selected by editors at TIME, Inc. as one of

the reporters to write for the weekly TIME For Kids magazine, which

has a circulation of 4.2 million readers.

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“kid scoops.”