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St. Francis Xavier student wins award HILLSIDE...

St. Francis Xavier student wins award

HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- Kate Tucci, an eighth-grade student at St.

Francis Xavier School, is the female recipient of the Marion Huhn

Award. It is presented annually in memory of Huhn, a former registrar


for the California Junior Scholastic Federation.

As the top female candidate for the region, Kate received a

certificate naming her as the outstanding federation female student,

and a $500 U.S. savings bond.


Classmate Sam DeMartinis, the male nominee of the region, was

recognized with a certificate.

Candidates for the award had to win the competition in their own

chapter by writing a personal essay. When they received the

endorsement of their chapter, students completed an eight-page paper

that included federation service and activities, scholarship awards

and activities, school and community service, a personal statement

and letters of recommendation.


Molly Shore