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In the April 19 issue, I read...

In the April 19 issue, I read an article that said the

Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport was embracing its patrons by

awarding them with traffic citations for using a pedestrian

crosswalk. I thought I was reading a comedy routine.


Let’s see, if you dare to park in a parking lot not owned by the

Airport Authority, then decide to walk -- instead of taking a shuttle

-- a few hundred feet to the terminal via a pedestrian crosswalk at a

stop sign, Airport Police with nothing better to do will stop you and


write you a citation. That makes about as much sense as everything

else the authority does, which isn’t much.

Once again, the Airport Authority is acting like the spoiled

little children they are. Not content with gouging parking fees at

lots they control, they intend to penalize the traveling public with

ludicrous traffic regulations just to punish the owners of the new

adjacent parking lot. Removing the crosswalk lines to try and justify

citations at a stop sign only shows their ignorance and arrogance. I


would be embarrassed to be a member of the Airport Police, pulled

away from the security of the airport to write what appears to be

unenforceable citations.

I sincerely hope every pedestrian who is assaulted in this manner

pleads not guilty and demands a trial. If the courts get clogged up

with this lunacy, maybe someone will slap the hands of the Airport

Authority and stop making it even harder for travelers to fly.

Get a life, Airport Authority!




EDITOR’S NOTE: The crosswalk markings were sandblasted off before

officers started giving citations.