Sisters are dynamic duo

Molly Shore

Burbank High School students Krystal and Melanie Matthews are

following in their father’s footsteps.

Krystal, 16, was recently elected Associated Student Body


president for 2003-2004, while Melanie, 15, was elected next year’s

junior class president.

Their father, Graham Matthews, was student body president of

Shades Valley High School in Birmingham, Ala.


Although he didn’t push his daughters to run for office, Matthews

said he saved some of his old campaign posters to share with them,

and assisted the girls with their campaigns.

“I would say that they tried a lot of [activities] in school, and

this caught their interest,” he said.

Holding office is not new to the girls. At Jefferson Elementary

School, Krystal was school secretary in the fifth grade.

The following year, Melanie was Jefferson’s fifth-grade treasurer.


Both sisters served as vice president of their sophomore class at

Burbank High, and Krystal was this year’s junior class president.

Krystal, who aspires to a broadcast journalism career, said

serving as an elected officer has helped her become more outspoken.

“It gives me leadership qualities, public-speaking experience and

the ability to plan events,” she said.

For Melanie, sharing her opinion with others is important, and

holding office gives her the opportunity to be heard.


“Whenever I watch TV and hear people make statements I disagree

with, I want to influence people with different decisions,” she said.

During her tenure as student body president, Krystal said she

wants to create a school Web site to better inform students of school


“I also want to bring back events like the back-to-school dance

and spirit rallies,” she said.