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‘X2' better than the original

Numerous characters

with varying personalities

Justin Rubin, 17, of Glendale and is a junior at Glendale High



“X2: X-Men United” is an immensely fun sci-fi action film, topping

the first movie in every possible way. Based on the popular comic

book by Stan Lee, “X2" is a faithful adaptation of the comic while

still managing to add originality.


What makes “X2" so interesting and exciting is the wide range of

characters. Where in most comic book movies we get a hero and a

villain, the X-Men stories have the benefit of numerous characters,

all with varying personalities, powers and styles, brought to life by

fantastic special effects, makeup and costume design.

The action scenes (and there are plenty) are vastly unique from

most action movies, mostly because they do not resort to the same

form of combat used in a previous scene. Each scene is something we


haven’t seen before, be it a new character or setting. Also

surprising is how well the film holds up as a story.

While the effects are something to marvel about, the engaging

plot, sly humor, romance and dramatic storytelling (as well as a

moral message) help the movie rise above the usual action flick.

“X2,” kicking off the start of the summer movie season, is a real


Plenty of action in this sequel


Stephen Saito is a graduate of Burbank High School and a junior at

the University of Texas at Austin.

If there’s one thing that’s disappointing about “X2: X-Men

United,” the criminally fun sequel to 1999’s “X-Men,” it’s the fact

that the film ultimately has to end.

As the rare sequel that improves upon the original, which wasn’t

too shabby itself, “X2" reunites Wolverine with Professor X and the

rest of the X-Men to battle William Stryker, a mad scientist bent on

ridding the Earth of mutants.

Director Bryan Singer seems equally compelled to rid “X2" of the

problems from the first film and as a result, the abrupt ending and

lack of action sequences that plagued the original “X-Men” are more

than substantiated for in this version.

Also unlike the first film, where Hugh Jackman stole every scene

as the world weary Wolverine, the performances are uniformly

excellent, from Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen as enemies Professor

X and Magneto respectively, to Famke Janssen as Jean Grey and Alan

Cumming as Nightcrawler.

The first of a wave of comic book films to hit movie theaters this

summer, “X2" is the equivalent of a tsunami, and after the end

credits roll, the only thought is to get back in line to ride it


“X2: X-Men United,” is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence,

some sexuality and brief language.

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