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‘3 Little Pigs’ a great time


What do you get when you put a new twist on an old favorite? A

fabulous show, of course!

The Falcon Theatre’s adaptation of the classic three little pigs


story is a fun-filled adventure that kids will absolutely love from

start to finish.

The hour-long play tells the story of Petunia, Patsy and Percy,

three pigs each with their own unique personalities. Petunia, the


boss of the three, is convinced that she’s going to become a star.

Patsy wants to be a cowgirl. And Percy is a hilarious chef.

As the three pigs set out to seek their fortunes, they meet

Wolfie, a witch standing in for the absent wolf.

Along the way, they all learn a few unexpected lessons while

having a lot of fun.

The actors do a wonderful job and really draw the audience into

the story. They also get the audience involved, which children will



There’s a lot of comedy and there is never a dull moment. All the

children seemed to be having a good time and so were their parents.

This play is a great idea for families who want to have a good

laugh with their children, but would like to do something new, rather

than going to the movies.

As I was leaving the theater, I noticed a lot of smiles on both

parents’ and children’s faces.


I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.