Layoffs could limit enrollment

Molly Shore

Parents who wait until the June 20 deadline to enroll their children

in elementary school could be in for an unpleasant surprise under a

plan designed to counter teacher layoffs.


Burbank Unified School District administrators -- faced with an

anticipated $4-million budget deficit in the coming school year --

have decided to fill classrooms at all 11 elementary schools to

capacity, a move that could result in some students having to attend


schools outside their neighborhoods.

“It is not our desire to do it, obviously,” said Hank Jannace, the

district’s director of pupil services. “Putting [students] in schools

across town is the last alternative possible.”

In kindergarten through third grade, the district plans to enroll

a maximum of 20 students per teacher, which is in line with state

class-size reduction mandates. Student-teacher ratios in fourth- and

fifth-grade classrooms are higher, however, and could exceed the


district’s average of 30.5.

Alexis Sheehy, assistant superintendent for instructional

services, said she won’t know until Friday whether that average will

be adjusted.

Niki Capshaw’s daughter will return to Roosevelt Elementary School

for the third grade, but Capshaw is disheartened that some parents

might not enroll their children in schools in their immediate area.

“Can you imagine moving into the school district in the middle of


the school year and finding out you can’t enroll your child in the

school across the street?” Capshaw said.

Enrollment forms are available in elementary school offices from 8

a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday through June 20. Parents should

contact their local schools about registration requirements,

including required vaccinations, proof of residence and birth


For additional information or questions, contact Jannace at