A new beginning for school board

Molly Shore

Jubilation flowed through council chambers at City Hall, where new

school board members Ted Bunch, Dave Kemp and Paul Krekorian

officially joined Trish Burnett and Connie Lackey on the dais.


City Clerk Margarita Campos administered the oath of office

Thursday to Bunch, Kemp and Krekorian, as family, friends, and

supporters looked on.

In their first official statements as board members, the trio


thanked their family, friends and volunteers who helped them get


Kemp came down from the dais to present his wife, Judy, with a

bouquet of red roses.

“I realize that this is the last time she will see me for the next

four years,” he joked.

Elections were held after the new members were sworn in, with

Burnett selected as board president, Kemp as vice president and


Krekorian as clerk.

“This is a momentous occasion,” said Burbank Teachers’ Assn.

co-President Diana Abasta. “Tonight is truly a new beginning.”

The association was instrumental in getting Kemp and Krekorian

elected, and didn’t hide its disdain for their predecessors, Elena

Hubbell, Mike McDonald and Richard Raad.

The organization frequently criticized the former board for not

communicating better with teachers and parents, poorly handling a


$4-million budget shortfall, and terminating former Supt. David


Krekorian, speaking as a parent, thanked Hubbell, McDonald and

Raad for their years of service.

“I think we all owe them a great debt of gratitude,” he said.