Council should rethink parking I see where...

Council should rethink parking

I see where our council members (less Tom Campbell) are proposing

valet parking at Media City Center. This sounds like the old guard of

Howard, Flavin & Hastings. If I have to pay for valet parking to shop


in downtown Burbank, I will make a trip to Glendale to do my shopping

where I won’t have to pay for parking. I have driven through Pasadena

where they have valet parking and it is a mess. It was my

understanding that when they built this humongous complex there would


be ample parking.

Todd Campbell was right about the traffic on Magnolia Boulevard.

It is not minimal, as Vander Borght says. Are they going to make as

much of a mess out of this as they did the Empire Center traffic? I

think the four council members that voted for this had better rethink

their decision.

Toni Noonan



Birds not welcome at Farmers’ Market

In response to Jef Norton’s letter published in the May 10 Leader:

There is a state law, #114045 -- California Uniform Retail Food

Facilities, that states, “No live animal, bird or fowl shall be kept

in a food facility.”

Signs, which show a picture of a bird and a dog with a prohibited

sign through it, are posted at each entrance of the Farmers’ Market.

We are sorry that this has become necessary, but we would be in


violation of the law if we permitted birds or dogs on the premises

since the posting of these signs.

We continue to try and please the Burbank community, and we

apologize to Mr. Norton for any inconvenience that this incident may

have caused him.

Elaine Paonessa

President, S.E.R.V.E.

Organization (Volunteers

of the Farmers’ Market)