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Mike Post

Burbank Airport Director of Public Safety

Since assuming the new position of director of public safety in

December 2001, Mike Post said there has been constant change at the

Burbank-Glendale- Pasadena Airport.


“We’ve had all kinds of construction or hardware-related projects

going on since 9/11 to make this place safer from attack by not just

terrorists, but criminals, deranged people or whoever it might be,”

he said.


Post was selected for the position in the wake of the 2001

terrorist attacks. He was hired on a one-year contract, which was

renewed unanimously by the Airport Authority through the end of 2003.

During his tenure, airport security has been in the national

spotlight. Everyone from local police to the National Guard have

patrolled the airport at some time since, but the major lasting

change was the changeover to federal baggage screeners through the

Transportation Security Administration.


While he must coordinate security with multiple agencies, Post

said each has clearly defined responsibilities and airport police are

the sole enforcement arm for all.

“Whenever it comes to who’s the badge and gun at the airport, it’s

all us,” he said.

One of Post’s major goals is to hire enough officers so airport

police no longer have to contract Burbank and Glendale police. While

that and other goals remain on the horizon, Post said the airport has


avoided many of the problems that have plagued other terminals.

“We’re not evacuating the terminal all the time, we’re not having

security breaches all the time -- we really have good solid effective

teamwork between the airlines, feds and the airport,” he said.