Today, for the first time, the Leader...

Today, for the first time, the Leader is publishing a list of

Burbank’s 50 most influential people. On the pages of this section,

you’ll find those who are making a difference in city government,

public safety, education, sports and the community.


We started with more than 100 names, many of which were submitted

by our readers, and then whittled them down to 50. On the cover are

people we feel are at the head of their class in each of the

aforementioned categories.


The Leader’s Top 50 is a collection of people who live and work in

Burbank that we think have had the most profound effect on the world

around them during the past year.

You’ll find people from all walks of life who are helping shape

our community. You probably won’t agree with all of our choices. You

might think some people deserve higher mention, some not at all. And

other names might be conspicuous by their absence.

That’s just more proof Burbank has an abundance of citizens who


are active in their communities. These are just our 50 choices. Who

are yours?