Harassment case headed to court

Ben Godar

A Burbank city employee who claims she was ostracized by co-workers

and denied job opportunities based on gender and age is expected to

get her day in court next week.


Deborah McMurray, a 56-year-old revenue clerk, was discriminated

against and then retaliated against when she complained, according to

her attorney, Brad Gage.

McMurray, who filed her lawsuit in March 2001, is presently on


disability leave, Gage said.

Four other city employees who sued the city for discrimination

settled their cases out-of-court in March, for what Asst. City Atty.

Juli Scott called “a nominal sum.” Gage also represented each of

those employees.

Gage said no settlement was reached in McMurray’s case because the

city offered only $1,000.

“The amount of money they offered us on the McMurray case was


insultingly low,” he said. “We’d be glad to find a way to amicably

resolve this.”

Irma Rodriguez Moisa, one of the attorneys representing the city,

said that unlike McMurray, the other employees were eager to get the

lawsuits over through a settlement.

“I think she is unrealistic about what the outcome of this case

will be,” she said.

Scott called McMurray a “disgruntled employee,” and said the case


has no merit. The trial is expected to begin sometime next week, as

soon as courtroom space is available.