Police to hold youth academy

Ben Godar

For high school students interested in law enforcement or just

looking to get in shape this summer, the Burbank Police Department

annual youth academy might be just the ticket.


The academy’s annual classes will meet Monday through Thursday

mornings beginning in July at Police Headquarters. Students are

taught about the various aspects of police work while receiving some

physical fitness training.


Officer Vee Jones, coordinator of the program, said

representatives from various details within the department will talk

with students about their particular jobs.

“We’re not just officers out on the streets carrying guns, there’s

a lot more to it than that,” she said.

While participants will learn primarily about police work, Jones

said the academy also teaches students about applying for college,

interviewing for a job and other life skills.


Courtney Glaser, a 17-year-old Burbank High School student who

participated in last year’s academy, said that’s exactly what she

took away from the program.

“At the time it was going on I thought it was kind of fun, but

when I look back on it I realize it was really helpful,” she said.

“Every time I have a job interview I think about what they taught me

-- it’s really boosted my self-confidence.”

Nutrition and physical fitness are also part of the summer


program. The last hour of each day’s session is dedicated to physical

training, which Jones said could be anything from working out in the

department gym to running a mile. While she said most high school

students would have no problem with the exercises, she said they do

cater the workouts to students with limitations.

Several students have moved on from the academy to the

department’s Explorers program, where they learn more police tactics.

But Jones said she would recommend the program regardless if a

student were interested in police work.

“They’re guaranteed to get something out of it whether they stay

in law enforcement or not,” she said.