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Tough guys get shot to duke it out

Jeff Tully

There will be a more than a few tough guys Sunday at the Burbank

Airport Hilton Convention Center.

Nearly 30 fighters are expected to compete in Tuff Stuff/L.A., a


boxing competition pitting all comers who will be looking to be named

the toughest man.

“You are going to have all kinds of guys taking part in the

event,” said Sam Martin of Top Shelf Entertainment, which is putting


on the event. “There will be guys with boxing experience and some who

will just come in there and brawl. It should be wild.

“The great thing is that fans don’t know what to expect. They

never know what kind of fighters are going to show up.”

The diverse field could provide for some interesting matchups for

the amateur and first-time boxers.

“We might have some [L.A. Police officers] and some firefighters

taking part,” Martin said.


“But it’s all about who is the toughest man out there and who is

the best fighter.”

Boxers will take part in three one-minute rounds and will be

fighting for cash and prizes.

Martin -- who, along with partner Greg Davidson, is coordinating

the event -- said if the event is a success, he would like to put on

more tough-man events in the future.

“It will be good entertainment for the fans,” Martin said.