Bell-Jeff’s best does it all

Molly Shore

She is just a teenager, but for Bellarmine- Jefferson High School

valedictorian Robin De Leonardis, the past four years four years have

been the best of her life.


“Our school is so small that I feel like I’m part of a family

here,” Robin said. “Everyone helps everyone else. It’s been a great

learning experience for me.”

The 17-year-old, who is graduating with 91 other seniors Saturday,


will do so with a cumulative grade-point average of 4.523, the

highest in Bell-Jeff’s class of 2003.

In addition to maintaining high grades, Robin has served on

student council for four years and was the school’s student body

president this year.

She is a member of the high school’s service club, is active in

camp ministry, and has participated in the Salvation Army kettle

ringing for the holidays.


Robin belongs to the National Honor Society, the California

Scholarship Federation, and has won several scholarships, including

one to UC Berkeley for four years.

Robin, who is eyeing a career in journalism, plans to major in

English and minor in creative writing at Berkeley.

Although her family hates to see her leave their Sun Valley home

to go to college away from home, Robin said they support her

decision. Berkeley just happens to be her dad’s favorite school, and


he is especially excited for her to have this opportunity.

Robin, meanwhile, has mixed emotions about graduating.

“I’m very excited to be going to Berkeley, but as I go to take my

last final, I realize it’s the end and I don’t want to leave high

school,” she said. “I’m excited to move on and start a new life and

discover new things, but yet I still want to be back here in my

comfort zone.”

Brother Philip, her advanced placement English teacher, said Robin

is an intelligent, hard-working student of high integrity.

“She’s an excellent leader, and has been outstanding as our ASB

president this year. She is very gifted,” he said.