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‘Rugrats’ funny for the younger ones

Myles Grene, 11, of Burbank is a sixth-grader at Luther Burbank

Middle School.

“Rugrats Go Wild” was a decent movie, definitely geared toward

smaller elementary school, if not younger, kids. I didn’t think it


was very good.

For a smaller kid, it would be very good and funny. Bruce Willis

did a good job as the voice of Spike.

Combining the characters of both shows was kind of abrupt, since


on TV they never mention each other. For example, Nigel Thornberry is

suddenly Tommy Pickles’ idol.

Although I didn’t have a chance to get one, there is a smell card

that you can get from Burger King, and throughout the movie there are

numbers at the bottom of the screen that show when to scratch and

sniff the card. It becomes “Smell-o-vision.”

It well earned its PG rating. There was nothing bad. The plot was

OK, but again directed toward small kids. I also thought it was very


short, with a running time of only 95 minutes.

The Myles Magazine gives it two stars out of five. The Grene

Gazette gives it one thumb up, but remember, this is coming from an

11-year-old, not a small kid.

* “Rugrats Go Wild” is rated PG for mild, crude humor.