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AMC Burbank 16 is guest-friendly

Today, Reel Critic Dink O’Neal gives readers his opinion of the new

AMC Burbank 16 that opened Friday.

BURBANK -- Burbank’s latest attempt at redeveloping its downtown

area took place last weekend with the grand opening of the


long-awaited AMC Burbank 16 megaplex. Located adjacent to and

replacing the AMC 14 theaters on East Palm Avenue, this

state-of-the-art complex is impressive to say the least.

A large patio area housing the ticket windows and featuring a


monolithic granite-and-water public art project leads to a massive

staircase. Patrons can also use escalators or an elevator to ascend

to the complex’s main entrance.

Once inside, you face an enormous concession counter spanning at

least 30 to 40 yards, with entrances to the 16 screens divided

equally at either end. AMC has made viewing its screens virtually

unimpeded with its stadium seating, which means that each row is a

full 18 inches above the one in front of it. The screens are enormous


and the sound quality is the best I’ve ever heard.

Someone in management has obviously emphasized customer

satisfaction, as the attention to detail on the part of the staff was

excellent. And, most importantly, the restrooms are clean, large and

numerous -- especially the women’s, or so I’ve been told!

It’s obvious AMC planned this new flagship theater complex

carefully, from the touch-screen ticketing kiosks available for

advance ticket sales to the famous movie quotes sculpted and inlaid


in the theater’s walkways.

Moviegoers will appreciate the quality, and no doubt Burbank’s tax

revenues will benefit from the influx of visitors.