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You can’t be too careful with pets,...

You can’t be too careful with pets, especially cats.

I was riding in a car over the overpass on Burbank Boulevard when

I noticed a beautiful tan and white cat stranded in the middle of the

road and scurrying frantically among the cars to get to a safe place.


I wondered how he happened to end up in the middle of a busy street.

Did he wander away from home in the middle of the night the way cats

tend to do or did somebody dump him there?

I still think about that poor cat and keep hoping that somebody


managed to rescue him and that he didn’t get run over by a car. If

you have a pet -- especially a cat -- you can’t be too careful. Cats

and small dogs have a way of slipping out of the house without being

noticed. Keeping a pet confined to a house where he can’t get out is

the loving thing to do.

Often I see people out looking for lost pets and I see “lost pet”

signs posted on the street. I tell people to keep their hopes up

because the pet may have just wandered off and couldn’t find his way


back home. I don’t want to let them think the worst happened -- he

could have been killed by a coyote, run over by a car or ended up in

the hands of some animal-hating sadist. As for anyone who would

abandon a pet in a dangerous place, I’m glad the city of Burbank has

a stiff penalty for cruelty to animals.

Grace Hampton


Comment policy


needs to stay as it is

Ron Vanderford, in his letter to the Leader published June 11

stating that the public comment policy should be returned to the way

it was before the council got high-handed, seems to favor this action

so that he would have more time -- time to continue to address the

council on airport issues, and now the Platt Project. When I see

these letters -- the ones written by a certain group of people,

including Mr. Vanderford -- I just skip them. He acts like a

know-it-all and implies that the people we elected to City Council

aren’t too bright and that those “devious devils” (Council members)

can’t be trusted. I’m in favor of keeping the comment period the way

it is so that the Council can go about doing its job without this

constant badgering.

Bob Tomer