Dick Clark forms kids’ division

Jackson Bell

Hoping to capture a younger demographic, Burbank-based dick clark

productions has launched a new division called dick clark kids.

The company, run by longtime TV celebrity Dick Clark, will focus


on the development, production and distribution of children’s

entertainment, according to Vice Chairman Jules Haimovitz.

“Dick is basically known for generating family entertainment for

the last 50 years,” Haimovitz said. “A lot of us grew up with Dick,


and we think this is a good extension for the company.”

An independent TV production company, dick clark productions has

created such programs as “American Dreams,” “Dick Clark’s New Year’s

Rockin’ Eve,” and “Golden Globe Awards.” It also owns the restaurant

chain Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

Vice President of Production Cindy Clark and Media Marketing

Executive Kelly Sole Holscher -- both entertainment industry veterans

-- will spearhead the new division. The first project is an animated


live-action series, “The CanBees -- You CanBee Anything You Imagine.”

“‘The CanBees’ is an inspirational program for children ages 3 to

8 that melds entertainment with education,” Haimovitz said.

The project features computer-generated images of bees conducting

interviews with professionals from various fields about what they do

and how to enter that career.

The company is currently budgeting the program for development.

When completed, it will be sold in DVD format along with a


supplemental workbook, Haimovitz said, adding that the company

anticipates a release date some time in the first quarter of 2004.

“We’re trying to avoid the cluttered kids market with all the

violence and action stuff out now,” he said. “This is not pure

entertainment, but entertainment that enriches and informs.”