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Kicking off a celebration

Jackson Bell

Nearly 60 pieces of memorabilia, the world premiere of a documentary

and a slew of celebrities will highlight this weekend’s first

official Bruce Lee Convention.


Focusing on the life and career of the late martial artist and

movie star, the event will celebrate the 30th anniversary of his U.S.

film debut, “Enter the Dragon,” and memorialize his controversial

death that same year.


“Bruce Lee is synonymous with what we know of martial arts, and it

really is important to honor his life and legend with his fans,” said

Erin Ferries, one of the producers of the convention. “This is a

great way to immerse yourself in everything Bruce Lee.”

Celebrity scheduled to appear include TV actor Lorenzo Lamas,

Tae-Bo guru Billy Banks and Jhoon Rhee, the grandmaster of Tae Kwon

Do in the United States, among others. The documentary “The Making of

Enter the Dragon” will make its premiere, along with


never-before-seen outtakes from “Enter the Dragon.”

The memorabilia on display will include Lee’s handwritten letters

and original movie costumes. Several martial arts demonstrations also

are planned.

“It will celebrate the life and career of my father, who -- from

my experience traveling the world -- touched a lot of people,” said

Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee. “Not only will it be informative, but it

will entertain guests.”


At the convention, Lee’s widow, Linda Lee Caldwell, and his

daughter will promote The Bruce Lee Foundation, a nonprofit

organization dedicated to preserving his life and work. The

foundation also will award two college students $1,000 scholarships

during a banquet Saturday.

Creation Entertainment, Ferries’ employer, is a Glendale business

that produces touring fan-based conventions with an emphasis on

science-fiction TV shows like “Star Trek” and “Xena: Warrior

Princess.” The company is eager to break into the martial-arts genre,

Ferries said.

“What better name to work with in martial arts than Bruce Lee?” he


Creation Entertainment estimates a few thousand people will attend

the convention. If successful, Ferries said it will tour the United