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Uneasy flights Sunday morning

Ben Godar

The City Council plans to send letters to two airline carriers asking

them to stop offering Sunday morning flights during

Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport’s voluntary curfew, which ends at 7



United Airlines currently offers a 6:40 a.m. flight to San

Francisco, and American Airlines offers a 6:49 a.m. flight to Dallas.

City staff has drafted letters that were expected to be sent pending


approval by the council Tuesday night, City Atty. Dennis Barlow said.

Burbank Councilman Jef Vander Borght said it is the council’s job

to contact the airlines to give voice to community concerns.

“As representatives of the community, it’s our job to remind

United and American that this is not just an issue of airport

operation, but of community concern,” he said.

The council also plans to ask its counterparts in Glendale and

Pasadena to draft letters requesting the schedules be changed, Barlow


said. Glendale Mayor Frank Quintero said he would support sending a

similar letter asking the schedules be changed.

“I agree 100%,” Quintero said. “They should absolutely abide by

the curfew.”

While the airport attempts to adhere to the voluntary curfew,

airline operators occasionally schedule earlier flights to facilitate

connections in other cities, airport spokesman Victor Gill said.

Airlines generally change their schedules after being reminded


certain flights violate the voluntary curfew, he added.

“From time to time, these letters have yielded very direct

results,” he said.

Barlow said the council last wrote a letter requesting a schedule

change about a year ago, and has previously asked Glendale and

Pasadena officials to do likewise.

While the letters serve to keep the pressure on airlines not to

schedule earlier flights, Gill said they could also serve as a simple

reminder for any new executives who are not aware of the voluntary


“We can’t just assume that everyone who runs an airline has

intimate knowledge of the situation at Burbank Airport,” he said.