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Been there, done that with airport

The Community Commentary letter from David M. Simmons in the July

12-13 edition of the Leader prompted a mental avalanche of facts and


Mr. Simmons pleads for a good and noble cause, asking the public


to entreat local officials to become more involved in building a new

terminal at the Burbank Airport. There are many people who will

respond with, “Been there, done that.”

Perhaps he is unaware that our U.S. Senators and Congressional


Representatives, along with local officials, went to Washington,

D.C., on Feb. 26 to do the very things he now wishes them to do.

Additionally, a letter dated April 23 was sent to the FAA from

Chris Holden, then-president of the Airport Authority, with the

intent to convince the FAA that the officials stated above had

expressed renewed interest.

It was to no avail. The May 2 response from the FAA was a firm

request for a repayment plan within 30 days. The FAA stated it


intends to use the money for “investment in projects that will

produce immediate and certain benefits for aviation.”

There is no danger of the FAA canceling the Burbank Airport’s

right to operate because they have stated the following in a letter

dated Dec. 19, 2002, to the airport -- " ... given the special

operating procedures in effect for the airport and the long history

of operations with the terminal we believe that operations in the

present location can continue safely in the future as in the past.”


Visible efforts to build a new terminal began in 1995. A lot has

been said and done over these many years. Now, there is little left

to be said.

Don Elsmore