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Traffic woes are only going to get...

Traffic woes are

only going to get worse

Traffic, traffic everywhere -- isn’t there going to be any relief?

Not likely in the near future. Not only is the rapid population


growth expected to outpace proposed transportation remedies, but some

current congestion relief projects have been put on hold because of

budget shortages.

Average speeds are decreasing. I look down from the Pass Avenue


overpass near my home and the Ventura (134) Freeway and see that

traffic is creeping along at the earlier hours.

The housing development in Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley will

worsen gridlock unless they create more jobs closer to commuters’


Why don’t they build more housing in Burbank to minimize commuter

traffic from outlying areas? Because Burbank earns more tax money by

building “big box” stores like Costco.


Lets not forget the obvious ways to lessen traffic -- carpooling,

shuttle buses and synchronized traffic lights.

Wesley Greene


Payoff could have

paid for a teacher

I would just like to add a different perspective to your editorial

comments about all the fuss and hard feelings for $56,000. That


amount equals one teacher. Dr. Aponik has always had a job, and I

hear he just took a new job in another school district.

Many teachers were initially laid off and most have been given

their jobs back. Some teachers have not. The money that Dr. Aponik

wanted and finally did receive could help pay for at least one of

those teachers. I just think that people should be reminded of the

consequences of “just $56,000" being taken from the Burbank Unified

School District at this time.

Linda Matsumoto


Airport curfew should be enforced seven days a week

I applaud the Burbank City Council for drafting warning letters to

several airlines that violate the so called “voluntary” curfew on

Sunday. But what about the other six days a week? Are we not entitled

to peace and quiet Monday through Saturday also?

I believe the time is coming for Burbank to start flexing its

muscle. If the people of this great state can start a recall election

against a governor, we can certainly do something about a few

arrogant airlines who think the curfew is just a “suggestion” and not

a mandate of the people.

Why not ask the people of Burbank how they feel about airport

noise? Then let’s start fining these guys who like to interrupt our

peace and quiet with their giant, polluting aircraft in the early

morning and late evening hours. Burbank belongs to its people, and

we’re ready to take it back!

Will Ray