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NBC supports Bob Hope Airport On behalf...

NBC supports

Bob Hope Airport

On behalf of NBC, I am writing this letter to support the proposal

put forth by Michael Hastings and Ward Grant to the Burbank City


Council to rename our airport after Bob Hope. NBC and Mr. Hope

enjoyed a unique professional and personal relationship that spanned

a lifetime. There are few times in life that any of us can observe

firsthand a living icon or national treasure. Bob Hope is, was and


will always be the very embodiment of those words.

As large a global personality as Mr. Hope has been for so many

decades, both he and the Hope family never looked away from the city

of Burbank, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center or so many other

charitable needs and causes within our great city. I cannot imagine a

more significant gesture to the Hope family than having Burbank and

our sister cities of Glendale and Pasadena unanimously designate “Bob

Hope Airport.” The honor of such a deserving recognition would be not


only to the Hope family but equally to the tri-cities, as well. Think

about it, say it aloud and feel proud: “Bob Hope Airport.”

I have called Michael and confirmed that I, on behalf of NBC and

as a private resident of Burbank, will gladly join whatever committee

is formed to do whatever is asked to work for the approval of this

wonderful recognition for Mr. Hope. In so doing, I ask for the total

support of all the communities involved to made this honor for the

Hope family evolve as quickly as possible from proposal to reality.


“Bob Hope Airport.” Sounds mighty perfect to me.

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Hope, and God bless the Hope family.

Jack O’Neill

NBC Vice President, Facilities

Why not Bob

Hope airport?

I would like to suggest that our Burbank-Glendale- Pasadena

Airport be renamed in honor of Bob Hope. I have felt this way for a

long time, and with his passing it seems an appropriate time to make

this suggestion. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time an airport

has been renamed to honor an individual, as in recent years we have

examples such as the Orange County Airport name being changed to

honor John Wayne, and National Airport in Washington, D.C., being

renamed to honor Ronald Reagan.

Memorializing individuals who have contributed in unique and

special ways to the betterment of our society and our overall way of

life has always been a part of the fabric of our nation’s history.

Schools, streets, parks, libraries, military bases and naval ships

have been named after notable Americans in accordance with this

tradition, and I believe Bob Hope is more than deserving of such a

special tribute. Not only because of his patriotism and service to

our troops over the years, but also because of his affiliation with

Burbank. A longtime resident of neighboring Toluca Lake, he

nevertheless also remained part of the life of our city. An example

was his underwriting the entire cost of a special dinner held at

Lakeside Country Club several years ago so that all of the proceeds

could be used to help build the statue along Riverside Drive erected

to honor patriotism and defenders of freedom. And soon the Bob Hope

Museum will be built across from NBC at the intersection of Alameda

and Olive avenues.

I hope you will join with me in supporting this idea to honor this

great American in this special way.

Gary Olson