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Woodbury welcomes new administrator

Molly Shore

After an intensive three-month recruitment process that included more

than 100 candidates, Woodbury University has hired David Rosen to be

vice president of academic affairs.


Rosen, 54, who formerly served as vice president at the University

of Maine at Machias, began his new job Monday, school officials said.

Rosen will oversee and evaluate student affairs, including career

services, student activities, health services, new student


orientation and campus safety.

“This part of the country is on the cutting edge and is also

wonderfully hospitable and laid-back,” he said. “It has a kind of

awareness and intensity, and at the same time takes things in


Rosen replaces Zelda Gilbert, who now heads the Title V

cooperative grant program between Woodbury and Los Angeles Valley

College, which helps prepare Latino students for transfer to



Barbara Bowley, the university’s director of library services and

president of the faculty association, said Rosen’s selection was

centered on his vision that today’s university teachers should be


Rosen, she said, believes students must be trained to embrace the

changing world of economics as well as social and technological



“He’s a very dynamic guy, a savvy organizational manager who will

take the university in creative directions,” Bowley said.

Rosen, who was offered the Woodbury post in April, briefly served

as interim president the University of Maine following the unexpected

death of that school’s president in May.

Woodbury, at 7500 Glenoaks Blvd., is a four-year university known

for its degree programs in business, architecture and design.