Airport plan has new ‘Hope’

Ben Godar

The City Council on Tuesday was expected to throw its support behind

a plan to rename the Burbank- Glendale-Pasadena Airport for Bob Hope.

The council was scheduled to recommend the name change and review


letters that will likely be mailed to the Glendale and Pasadena city

councils seeking their support in renaming the airport after the

legendary entertainer.

Former Burbank Mayor Michael Hastings proposed the change to the


council July 29, two days after Hope died at his Toluca Lake home at

the age of 100. The proposal is supported by Hope’s daughter, Linda,

and management at NBC Studios, which had a more than 50-year

relationship with the entertainer, Hastings said.

Council members have expressed support for the proposed name

change. Councilman Todd Campbell, who went trick-or-treating at

Hope’s home as a child, said few people have done as much for Burbank

or the nation as Hope.


“Orange County has their John Wayne -- we need our Bob Hope

Airport,” he said.

To change the name of the airport, all three city councils would

have to approve an amendment to the joint powers agreement that

created the airport authority, officials said.