‘Rapunzel’ blends elements of fantasy, reality and comedy

The play holds kids’ attention

Jo Ann Stupakis writes the PTA column for the News-Press.

Having never been to the Falcon Theatre in Burbank, I wasn’t sure

what to expect. My 5-year-old son, Gregory, whined that he didn’t


want to go because the play was about a girl. I assured him that

there would be boy characters, so he relented.

“Rapunzel,” written by Lori Marshall and directed by Joseph Leo

Bwarie, was a masterpiece of fantasy, reality and comedy. We were


entertained by a live dancing tree while we waited for the play to

begin. He then turned around and became the narrator. He told the

story of a pregnant young woman who was more interested in her own

beauty than having her child. So she traded Rapunzel to a witch for a

head of lettuce.

The witch, who spoke with a New York accent and loved hip-hop

music, kept Rapunzel locked in a tower to protect her from the world.

Her hair grew, it was kept beautiful with various hair treatments


like mousse and conditioner, and she listened to Britney Spears CDs,

while begging the witch to let her out.

Eventually Rapunzel falls in love with a so-called prince named

Tarragon (Terry for short).

Kids can be restless when they are bored, but as I looked around,

each child was listening and participating throughout the entire

hour, including Gregory. The characters kept our attention by

including us in the action.


Afterward, we were able to meet the cast in the lobby and get

their autographs. Gregory only wanted the autographs of the boy

characters. Oh, well. He admitted he had a good time, and I agreed

whole- heartedly. This was a really great play and I give it an A+!

Characters are funny

Frances Stupakis is a student at La Crescenta Elementary School.

She will be entering the fifth grade in the fall. She is the daughter

of fellow theater critic Jo Ann Stupakis.

The play I saw was “Rapunzel.” It was full of comedy and love and

I think you should see this play.

The characters were very funny. It had audience participation,

which was great. They handed out things such as a golden brush, silk

and a salad bowl. The kids got to give the characters things that

were needed at the time. They even said our names!

The tree was the narrator of the story and he was really funny.

The witch was hilarious. For example, she said she liked hip-hop, so

she sang some hip-hop in the story. Rapunzel’s mother was a fashion

drama queen. She always cared about how she looked and how she


The prince was a very nice guy and cared a lot about Rapunzel. And

of course, Rapunzel was beautiful and very sweet.

I really liked “Rapunzel,” and hope you go see it.