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What about common courtesy or schools benefiting...

What about common courtesy or schools benefiting from lottery?

Is it any real wonder that you are being short-changed in the

readers’ letters department? I think most everyone these days is

resigned to being ignored. It’s nearly impossible to get courtesy


anywhere we shop. Anyone out there involved with our judicial system

in any shape, form or fashion? If you are then try reading and

understanding the legal jabber that attorneys write in their little

forms and such.


Corporate America runs our lives in every imaginable and

unimaginable way. You can’t call any company, large or small, without

having to listen to a computerized answering system telling us to

push number one for this, number two for that and then when you

finally get to your number, you stay on hold for 10 or 15 minutes only to have some lazy sounding dumb-dumb tell you that you need to

call another number.

But, hey, what the heck, I’ll offer my two-cent opinion on one

matter that I found very disturbing in Wednesday’s Leader. We have


all now been informed that the Burbank Unified School District cannot

afford to even clean up after high school football games or other

after-school functions. I don’t doubt that this is true, and I think

it is pathetic that the district schools’ pennies are this pinched!

Surely some of the millions and millions of dollars generated by the

California Lottery should trickle down as far as Burbank. After all,

we have been told for years that a large portion of the money from

lottery ticket sales goes directly to the schools and school


districts in this moronically run state of ours.

If not, then just exactly where is all this money going? I know it

can’t be going into the improvement of roads, streets and highways.

Sorry again, kids, but you’re on the short end of the money stick

again. I know my letter does not come across with a happy face on it,

but then I haven’t seen a happy face in a long, long time.



Court brief recognizing Measure A must be recognized

Has anyone drawn the correlation between attempts by the city of

Burbank to defeat Measure A -- an initiative to limit airport noise

and traffic -- and the arguments against the recall of Gov. Davis?

Solid Democratic control of the California Legislature is backing

Davis. They are against the recall because it is a threat to their

dominance in policy making.

Measure A expressed the disgust of 11,000 voters. It sought to

control current and future city councils. Opposition to Measure A by

the city of Burbank is motivated by the same principle as those who

wish to defeat the recall. It is the desire to retain absolute power.

Irrespective of what your position may be on either issue, we

should all remember ... "[T]hat the state constitutional right of

initiative or referendum is one of the most precious rights of our

democratic process. These powers are reserved to the people, not

granted to them.”

If for no other reason, the appellate court brief preserving

Measure A must be recognized. The right of the electorate to direct

officials of any jurisdiction, no matter what the issue may be, must

be retained.



Macy’s needs to clean up its act

In reference to the article, “Mall to receive makeover” (Sept. 3),

if Crown Realty would ask Macy’s to clean up its act, it would help

tremendously. The dressing rooms are not only broken and messy, they

are dirty and poorly lighted throughout the store. What’s different

about the Burbank location as compared to the Glendale Macy’s, where

the dressing rooms are clean and well-lighted?

As for the addition of two new restaurants, we could really use

some variety in town. I would suggest that since there are no good

quality Indian restaurants in town, it might be a well-received

addition along with P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.

We frequently dine in Pasadena and have to wait for tables along

with many other people who appreciate quality and authenticity.



Renaming airport for Hope not appropriate

I was fortunate to have been an employee of the Lockheed Aircraft

Corporation for 39 years beginning in 1951. To name the airport after

Bob Hope would trivialize the history behind the name Lockheed.

Mr. Hope’s name certainly should be applied to something in

Burbank, but not the airport.

George Major