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Teachers are tops

Molly Shore

Teachers are everyday heroes to St. Finbar Parish School student

Catherina Ticsay, 13, who honored them with an award-winning art

project sponsored by state Sen. Jack Scott (D-Burbank).


When Catherina’s art teacher, Courtney Hammill, asked students to

select an individual or profession for the art competition theme

“heroes,” Catherina said that she did not want to copy her classmates

who chose firefighters, police and doctors.


“I chose teachers because they taught all those people when they

were little,” Catherina said.

Hammill said she wasn’t surprised that Catherina won.

“I felt that somebody in my class was going to win because we had

such creative entries in the class,” she said.

After winning the California Student Art Contest with her

three-dimensional classroom constructed inside a cigar box, Catherina

and her mother, Norma Ticsay, were flown to Sacramento by Scott’s


office. On Sept. 8, Scott introduced them on the floor of the Senate.

“It was really awesome because I felt honored,” Catherina said.

“It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

Scott, who is chairman of the Senate’s joint committee on arts,

said Catherina did a fine job on her art project.

“Certainly I was very pleased to meet her and honor her work,” he


Catherina’s mother said she was extremely proud of the rec-


ognition Scott gave her daughter.

“I had goose bumps,” Ticsay said.

Upon leaving the Senate chambers, Catherina and her mother were

escorted on a VIP guided tour through the Capitol with a stop at the

Ken Maddy Lounge, where Catherina’s artwork will be on display

through the end of the year.