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Burbank speaks out on delay

Connie Baker

The United States Court of Appeals voted Monday to postpone the Oct.

7 special election to recall Gov. Gray Davis, based on voting



At the center of the controversy are the infamous hanging chads,

which were on the Florida ballots that put the 2000 presidential

election in question. Six counties in California, including Los

Angeles, still use chad-style punch-out ballots, which the court said


are more error-prone than other methods. The court ruled that voters

in those counties would not have the same protections as voters in

other counties.

Recall proponents are expected to appeal the decision to the

United States Supreme Court this week. If the decision is upheld, the

election would probably be delayed until March.

The Leader asked people along San Fernando Boulevard about their

reactions to the latest recall news.


“I’m all for the recall. We definitely have the right to get the

right person for the people in there, but I am against this delay. It

shouldn’t be taking this long. We need to move on with it. It’s

turning into a circus act and makes us look bad. If it’s gonna

happen, it should happen now. California really needs to move on.”

Nikki Brown,

Burbank, 19

“I am totally against the recall and against the delay. It’s just


another political ploy, a strategy to delay the democratic process.

The government wants the judges to step in to further add to the

hesitancy of this thing -- to step in and simply delay the whole

process. It’s just not right.”

Albert Solorio,

Los Angeles, 36

“Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the recall, but forget this

delay thing. Let’s get on with it already. It’s making the state look

really bad. It’s taking up a lot of the taxpayers’ money and we

need better representation right away. It’s taken far too long to

straighten California out as it is. The past two governors haven’t

done much for us. Hopefully, Schwarzenegger can save us! It’s time to

move on.”

David and Denise Rosales,

West Covina

“This delay is a joke. I think the federal courts should stay out

of our affairs. I’m for the recall, absolutely, but get Big Brother

out of our pockets. We set the trends here. Listen to them, for


David Eastburn,

Van Nuys, 55