Library’s Patriot Day ceremony draws praise In...

Library’s Patriot Day ceremony draws praise

In your extensive coverage of Patriot Day ceremonies (Sept. 13),

you briefly mentioned the musical tribute that took place at the

Buena Vista Library amphitheater.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Library Services

for facilitating this event. Families of all ages wearing lots of

red, white and blue spread their blankets and beach chairs.

We not only learned facts about our government’s history and


leaders, but loudly joined in the singing and clapping. It was not as

somber as the morning tribute but was by far just a meaningful. I

think it was great for the children to see adults respectfully

remembering Sept. 11, showing pride in their country and at the same

time enjoying a summer evening at the library.



More time needed


before renaming airport

Ladies and gentlemen, we have landed safely and you may now

unfasten your seat belts. Welcome to Bob Hope Airport. Since this

will become the reality here in Burbank, are any of us pondering the

question why?

No doubt Bob Hope was a famous comedian. For that reason alone, no

reasonable mind would question Bob Hope Airport sitting alongside

Lucille Ball Airport. Wait! That’s not Lucille Ball Airport, it’s Van


Nuys Airport.

The renaming of Burbank-Glendale- Pasadena Airport should be an

action taken with great thought and much debate, and not simply

because it will cost almost half a million dollars to change all the


Discussion and debate should provoke thought, because the name Bob

Hope does not link to aviation or airports. Fifty years from now,

travelers will arrive at Bob Hope Airport and say “Great, now where

am I!”

If the reason to rename the airport is to honor the years of

aviation history that our airport has been a part of, perhaps we

should consider Amelia Earhart -- she walked the halls of our

terminal before her historic flight.

If we are looking toward Burbank as the media center of the world,

a comedian simply does not convey that feeling, so perhaps we should

consider Walt Disney Airport. If we are thinking that Bob Hope

entertained the troops throughout many years, then perhaps Lockheed

and the dedicated people who worked for years to produce and develop

the weapons that kept the troops alive should be honored in a new

name for the Burbank Airport.

The movement is rapid among our public officials to simply rename

the Burbank Airport and quickly christen it Bob Hope. The sad fact is

that there has been little debate or consideration of how this event

ties the name Bob Hope to anything of historical significance.

Today in Burbank there is a Bob Hope Drive, yet no Walt Disney

Street. Perhaps it’s time to ask why and let the discussion begin.

The Burbank Airport is an airport owned by the public, and the public

must weigh in before anyone renames it.

David Piroli


Editor’s note: Airport Authority officials have said the estimated

cost to rename the Burbank-Glendale- Pasadena Airport for Bob Hope

would be $250,000.