Tim WillertJack is not as young or...

Tim Willert

Jack is not as young or handsome as he used to be, but he has plenty

of energy and love to give.

“He’s no Brad Pitt,” said Eva Sipel, who serves as president of


volunteers at the Burbank Animal Shelter. “More like Danny DeVito.”

Jack is an 8-year-old shepherd mix who has lived at the shelter

for the past 14 months. He was one of 86 dogs seized from the Burbank

home of Pamela Miller in 2002. The shelter has placed 68 of those


dogs. Only Jack remains.

“We all love him, but we all want him to have a home,” said Jane

Johnson, a shelter volunteer. “He deserves it.”

Whether he likes it or not, Jack has become the shelter’s

unofficial mascot. Sipel said it is unusual for a dog to stay as long

as Jack has.

“We have a very fast turnaround rate,” she said. “If any dog stays

more than a couple of months, we shake our heads.”


Jack was adopted in October, but was returned that week because he

didn’t get along with other pets. He was adopted again in December,

but returned a month later because his owners moved.

“He’s a mid-life dog,” said Burbank Police Lt. Bruce Speirs, who

manages the shelter and co-hosts its weekly pet adoption show.

“Everybody wants a puppy.”

Jack makes regular appearances on the show, and shelter volunteers

constantly sing his praises. But still no takers.


“As lovable as he is, he has some factors working against him,”

Sipel said. “He is not good with other dogs, so he has to be an only


Brindle-colored with white paws and a white-tipped tail, Jack is

also too rambunctious for small children.

“Because he’s a big dog, he’s a handful,” Sipel said. “He needs

someone who loves to play and horse around.”

For now, Jack sits and waits. He’s grown accustomed to his

surroundings and the special treatment he receives from Johnson, who

walks him, and animal control officer Stacie Levin, who trains him.

“While he is not maybe the most handsome dog, he certainly is cute

and has a lot of personality,” Sipel said. “He loves people.”

To inquire about Jack or any other pets, call the animal shelter

at 238-3340.