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‘Yankees’ is a grand slam of a goodtime

Matt Bellner

Attention, guys! I know most of you are not fans of musical theater,

but “Damn Yankees” is a musical that you and your special lady will

enjoy. The best part, you don’t have to fly to Broadway to see it


because it’s playing at the beautiful Glendale Centre Theatre.

The comedic musical revolves around one fan’s attempt to save his

baseball team from those “Damn” Yankees, and he makes a deal with the

devilish Mr. Applegate to accomplish his goal. Applegate is played to


perfection by Danny Michaels and the audience is drawn into his

wonderful performance.

The story moves along briskly with numerous musical numbers, and

Orlando Alexander’s choreography adds just the right amount of

showmanship to keep everyone entertained.

There are many great performances in “Damn Yankees” and Craig

Mitchell’s performance as Smokey really stands out. Keep an eye out

for this guy.


Desiree Bafagula’s sexy and saucy take on the character Lola had

the entire male audience steaming in their seats but I had to keep it

cool because I was on a date.

Even if you are not a fan of baseball, “Damn Yankees” is a winner

and I recommend this show.