A waste of ‘Time’

Walter Gragg of Burbank is a practicing attorney and retired actor.

“Out Of Time” is my first Denzel Washington movie. He is a

handsome, talented actor with clear star quality.

Here he is the police chief of Banyon Key, Fla. He is newly


estranged from his attractive, police detective wife (Eva Mendes),

and is having an affair with the sexy wife (Sanaa Lathan) of the bad

guy (Dean Kane).

The chief finds himself embroiled in a plot involving two murders


and his apparent misuse of drug money (evidence from another case) to

rescue his married girlfriend from her evil husband.

This film should be retitled “Much Ado About Nothing.” The “much

ado” consisted of numerous intense, fast-paced action scenes. These

are the obvious result of talented directing, editing, stunt work,

photography and the craftsmanship of each player. With these positive

ingredients, one would expect a buildup to a thrilling climax, and an

experience of fulfilling entertainment.


The “about nothing” plot is predictable, politically correct and

overloaded with twists and turns. This movie lover was repeatedly

jarred from his suspension of disbelief by agonized and convoluted

complexity. This movie is disappointing.

* “Out of Time” is rated PG-13.