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They should be thankful for what they...

They should be thankful for what they have

Burbank Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Susan Bowers said

recently that business has a tough time making it in this state. She

can’t be referring to Urban Outfitters, which just opened in Burbank.


The store received a $675,000 loan from the city to help it get

started. That doesn’t sound bad.

There have been various lures like this to help business get a

foothold, including subsidies, redevelopment loans, conditional-use


permits and tax write-offs like manufacturing credits and enterprise

zones. Let’s not forget the loopholes in the federal tax law, which

has allowed corporations to pay a lower percentage of their income in


There are no guarantees that business should be successful. It

depends on the wisdom, hard work and good luck of the ownership.

There is a risk.

The state has a great natural market for business because of its


large and diverse population. It has the fifth-largest gross national

product in the world, and it’s a great agricultural state.

Some manufacturing companies are moving their plants overseas to

cut labor costs. Some of the countries allow child labor and there

are few or no benefits for the workers. If a corporation can’t be

fair to its workers, it doesn’t deserve to be in business.

There have been excesses in California like the workers’

compensation law. Recently, the legislature passed a law to


substantially correct that. Guess who complained about the reform? It

was businesses like chiropractors, pharmacists and other members of

the medical business community who would now make less profit because

of the reform.

A positive gesture by business would be contributions to the local

school systems and to job-retaining programs. Make an investment in

the community. Businesses should be thankful for being in Burbank and

the state of California. Let’s start showing it.

Wesley Greene


Hope deserves to have airport named in his honor

Everyone seemed to be touched by Bob Hope. He was a great man who

did great things all over the world. He helped support our troops and

Americans worldwide. He also helped our military families, especially

the lower-ranking enlisted personnel who made up the bulk of our

troops. He helped the USO and hospitals, and the list goes on and on.

Driving down Bob Hope Drive will have even more meaning to us all.

I was very privileged to have several encounters with Mr. Hope. I

first met him many years ago when I was a waitress at Bob’s Big Boy

in Burbank. After taping his show for NBC, Mr. Hope would drive in

and be served in his car. Everyone would walk by to see him. On the

days it was raining, he would come inside for a cup of coffee, and

customers would ask for his autograph, which he would gladly give.

Sometimes I saw him at Vons on Pass Avenue. He would be walking down

the aisles.

Bob Hope was a great man who did wonderful things in his life for

us all. Maybe it’s fitting to name the Burbank- Glendale-Pasadena

Airport after him. Maybe with the name Hope, there would be hope for

the airport. Yes, I have my memories of Bob Hope. He was the real

thing. God bless you, Bob Hope. And thanks for the memories.

Lee Paysinger