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Chili war not a routine contest

Jackson Bell

To the winners go bragging rights and the opportunity to help a local

charity. The losers, well, get to wear chili.

There will be a lot at stake today when teams of Burbank and


Warner Bros. firefighters try to pull each other into a vat of chili

during a tug-of-war match at 8:30 a.m. at the Wienerschnitzel parking

lot at 1101 N. San Fernando Road.

The hot-dog chain will donate $1,000 to the Burbank Center for the


Retarded in the name of the winning team’s department.

“Firefighters are very competitive, and even more so between other

firefighters,” said Burbank Fire Capt. Ron Bell. “We would never want

to miss a chance to pull our brothers and sisters into a big tub of


Since October is both National Fire Prevention Month and National

Chili Month, Wienerschnitzel spokeswoman Julie Reed said the

restaurant wanted to host a fun activity that mixes the two


celebrations. This is the first time the city and the studio fire

department will participate in the chili tug-of-war.

“It’s a fun event, and the firefighters involved in it will have a

good time while benefiting charity,” Reed said.

The restaurant asked Burbank Fire to participate in the event and

let the department choose its opponent.

Bell said Warner Bros. Fire was the obvious choice, since it often

collaborates on events ranging from safety fairs and fund-raisers to


training programs.

Warner Bros. Fire chief Chuck Lisi said his department is up to

the challenge.

“The competition is always there with best friends, and it’s the

American way give it a good shot and see what happens,” said Lisi, a

former Burbank Fire captain. “Plus, we get a hot dog or two.”