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‘Funky Punks’ is a frolicking good time

Josh Bartell, 10, of La Crescenta is a fifth-grader at La Crescenta

Elementary School.

BURBANK -- “The Funky Punks’ Circus Spectacular,” produced by the

Troubadour Theater Company at The Falcon Theatre in Burbank, is


directed by Matt Walker. It is worth seeing for people of all ages,

but you have to be willing to have fun.

In some parts it is very silly, such as the girl in the box who

has extendable legs. In other parts, it is simply amazing, like when


the girl gets over her fear and swings from the Hula-Hoop while

flipping on and through it. It even has a touch of magic to it.

This circus includes guitar, drums and funny, clowned-up music. I

greatly enjoyed seeing all the amazing acts and stunts, and I hope

you do too.


Deborah Charlie-Bartell of La Crescenta is a professor at

Antelope Valley College and mother of fellow critic Josh Bartell.


If you’re looking for a chance to escape for an hour, then the

Troubadour Theater Company’s “Funky Punks’ Circus Spectacular” is the

place to go. Directed by Matt Walker, the cast offers all the

laughter and delight of a traveling circus without the dust and

scattered peanut shells. The Falcon Theatre has stadium-style seating

that allows one to sit center ring.

As the ringmaster ushers in each act, listen carefully and you’ll

chuckle at the scattered literary allusions, political satire and


good advice (stay in school) while enjoying the time-honored

slapstick (with a modern twist) that takes center stage. You’ll be

amazed at the transformation of the shy Hula-Hoop girl and

entertained by two disco-dancing jugglers. The family of acrobats

will surprise you -- and sometimes themselves -- as they roll and

flip across stage, urged on by a Viking-helmeted “mama” brandishing

an egg whisk.

The Funky Punks, in their colorful and eclectic found-in-the-attic

costumes, are all smiles and endless energy. The costumes and music

alone will make you want to run off and join the circus, at least for

one hour. For the adults, it’s a touching circus parody; for the

kids, it’s just plain fun.