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Fulfill your privilege -- and let’s work...

Fulfill your privilege -- and let’s work together

Now do you believe you count?

How many times have too many of you said, “No, I don’t vote -- my

vote doesn’t count anyway!” Does this election prove to you that all


voters count?

Last year I said, and I repeat now, if voters had come out last

year for the election as they did for this one, we wouldn’t have had

to have this expensive election. Bill Simon would have been governor


instead of Gray Davis again.

Remember -- your vote does count, and it’s your privilege and your

duty to do so! We have many people serving our country at all times

and many fighting now for our freedoms. Back them up by doing your


Let’s all pull together now to make our beautiful state a very

positive state. Be good to each other and those you meet and find

less fault with each other.




Struggles loom without arts grant funding

The Performing Arts in Burbank are in jeopardy. Grant funds have

been cut. I speak for all the organizations, but especially the

Burbank Chorale, where one-third of our income depends on grants from

the city. As the oldest singing organization in the San Fernando

Valley, we provide a valuable community service by offering four free


concerts every year to the public.

We have salaries to pay to Artistic Director Misha Shtangrud and

Accompanist John Tveit. We cannot exist without them. They are

wonderful and the chorale is sounding the best it ever has! Just come

to one of our concerts and hear for yourself what this dedicated

group of singers has accomplished. We pay dues but many cannot afford

to pay more.

I hope the city can somehow find a way to continue to provide the

funding that we so desperately need.


Membership Chairwoman

Burbank Chorale