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Halloween is more fun when it’s safe

Darleene Barrientos

With Halloween fast approaching, local law-enforcement and safety

officials want children to stay safe during the dark, spooky holiday.

The night usually sees young children wandering darkened streets


in search for candy from homes inhabited by people who are oftentimes


“We are gearing up for a little more activity,” Burbank Fire Capt.

Ron Bell said. “There will be extra firefighters in the field.”


Burbank Police, Glendale Police’s traffic bureau, the Crescenta

Valley Sheriff’s Station and California Highway Patrol officers offer

these tips for a fun, safe Halloween.

* Costumes should be bright in color and flame resistant.

* Face masks should allow for good visibility.

* A light stick or flashlight should be carried. Wearing two light

sticks -- one in front and one in back -- is recommended for children

too young to carry a flashlight.


* Mylar sacks are recommended; the material is shiny and


* Streets should only be crossed at intersections.

* Do not run between parked cars.

* Do not walk against red lights.

* Children should trick-or- treat in large groups with an adult


* Candy should not be eaten until it is inspected by an adult.


* Candy that is not in factory-wrapped packaging should be


Because the holiday falls on a Friday, the chances of adults

having rowdier Halloween parties is much higher, CHP Officer Vince

Bell said. The chances of auto/pedestrian accidents and drunken

driving incidents will also rise, he said. The combination often

results in children being killed while walking on Halloween evening.

CHP and Glendale Police’s traffic bureau offers these tips for

safe driving this Halloween.

* Drivers should not drink and drive. Use a designated driver.

* Drive at safe speeds.

* Drivers should anticipate children running in the streets and

between cars.

* While driving in an area like La Crescenta, where many

residential streets are narrow and dark and there are no sidewalks,

motorists should be extra vigilant.

* Wear seat and shoulder belts.

Several community Halloween activities are planned all week long.

Trick-or-treating at one or more of these locations is recommended.