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Entering the land of make-believe

Tim Willert

There were enough superheroes to save a city the size of Burbank,

enough firefighters to help finish off those persistent wildfires.

Of course, Friday morning’s Halloween parade at Jefferson


Elementary School also featured plenty of witches, princesses,

football players and pirates.

The annual costume parade drew hundreds of parents, most of whom

were toting cameras and jockeying for position as their little ones


paraded around the playground to the sounds of “Monster Mash.”

“It’s been a tradition here for many, many years,” said Principal

Lynn Perske, wearing a clown costume complete with a big red nose.

“The parents love it and the kids love it. It’s one of our fun


Carlie Stewart, 6, a student in Debby Demyanek’s first- grade

class, came dressed as Hermione Granger, a character from the Harry

Potter books.


When asked why, Carlie said matter-of-factly: “I have the hair for


Fourth-grader Teddy DaVilla looked pretty imposing dressed as a

football player. Inside his costume was a tiny fan that blew up Teddy

to more than twice his size.

“My mom made me [get it],” Teddy said. “But I’m OK with it.”

Even the teachers got into the act, dressing up as everything from

cheerleaders and witches to motocross riders and Minnie Mouse.


Martha Stoffers, dressed as a gypsy, watched over 31

fourth-graders. She also put Oct. 31 in perspective.

“It’s Halloween,” Stoffers said. “The sugar’s already running

through [the kids], the day’s already shot. We know that.”

After watching her brother march in the parade for the past three

years, 5-year-old Zoie Telkamp -- wearing a pink poodle skirt, pink

sunglasses and a pink bow in her hair and carrying a white poodle

purse -- got to strut her stuff for the first time.

“She’s so excited,” said Geni Telkamp, Zoie’s mother. “She can’t

believe she finally gets to be in the parade.”